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Alright guys we're growing quite abit but we still need new members. Keep inviting people!!
ANYONE LOOKING TO USE AND POST ON FORUMS: Make an account, wait about 1 whole day and it should be approved after that your golden.

Raiders!! post on forums  "Raiders", Post that you either want to raid or are raiding. People who want to raid, it is vital that you list your spec and average ilvl. (Off spec aswell) We want to get everyone we can raiding!!

  Rbg'ers!! Any pvp'ers who want to start some rated battle grounds up post on Forums "RBGs".. Once we get a team going we'll roll in the guild xp aswell.

Levelers! Get to 85 peeps we need everone we get
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Brian and I our out of town!! Ohh noez!

Ronburgundee, Jul 28, 11 2:36 PM.
Brianfantana and yours truely, Ronburgundee are out of town for ten days! I know it may be hard for some of you to handle, but I assure you you'll all make it just fine.. I would be very proud to see you guys do some hardcore recruiting and some raiding if possible! Any questions or comments please comment on this news article.


Ronburgundee, Jul 27, 11 5:01 PM.
Good evening news team, I'm ronburgundee. It has come to my attenion that there are a lot of loose ends with the guild permissions I need to fix along with ranks. I am also developeing a pottenial reward system for people who help out the guild. This being said I want you to know I realize however liquidy or fluid like the guild may seem right now, I will make it as solid as a elementium barricade in no time. Thanks you loving GM and Anchorman, Ronburgundee
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We're taking anyone!! We need guild xp, achievements, and more raiders/pvpers! Recruit as many people as you can! If I notice you've recruited a great deal of people you are very likely to make it further up in the news crew and perhaps make it on the crew someday soon! (Become an officer)
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